Friday, October 2, 2009

The president fiddles,, while Afghanistan burns

In reading the papers this morning from all over the world, I was struck by how many headlines about various subjects contained these words "Obama weighs". Is the man ever decisive? Remember how angry we used to get at Clinton for dithering? Barack Obama makes a piker of Bill Clinton in this regard.

Come on, Barry, the "present" vote is getting a little tiresome. Either increase troop strength and take your lumps from your lefty, peacenik buddies or pull out completely and take your lumps from the entire world for being a cut 'n run coward. It's a simple decision. Even a caveman could make it.

Allowing good Americans to continue dying while you eat your arugula is unacceptable and you will pay a heavy price for your incompetence.

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  1. Its kind of like getting a little pregant...You cant...Its all or nothing...You go girl I love your blog......

    The Black Widow