Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And they say Republicans are the Party of “No”

It is amusing how many people in my circle who delighted in the Democrats’ triumph last fall (and thus would not seem to have any interest in a Republican revival) have been telling me just what the GOP needs do to remain viable. And from what I’ve read on the web, they’re not alone. Other lefties lately smug in Obama’s triumph dispense reams of advice to the GOP.

They tell me the GOP can’t win if it remains the party of “No,” yet are at pains to remember what exactly the Democrats stood for in 2006 when they won congressional majorities. (And many of them can’t really identify what Obama stood for beyond Hope and Change. Oh, and yeah, and that he wasn’t George W. Bush.)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama and the School Speech

It is not talking to the students that is in question, it is the lessons that go along with his little talk. How can I help the Pres.? How many of you libbies would have liked Bush having such a lesson? The dem party sure has changed since JFK. Help the Pres. - make posters that have his slogans on them, pledge service to the Pres WOW has the party changed.

Keep them home and have your own lesson on the Constitution. Maybe our leader should read it again. He has forgotten 99% of it.