Monday, October 5, 2009

Hollywood, on Polanski and Letterman

These hollywood people are sick,perverted,and disgusting.
They are attempting to twist the laws to suit their demented live style.
I often wonder how these perverts would have acted if it was their thirteen year olddaughter that was raped years ago,they would be screaming from every state controlled t.v show and every state run media paper to hang that animal by the short and curlies, but since polanski is a pervert like them and it wasn't their daughter raped they are banning together to stand up for someone who
is a pervert,just goes to show you how low Hollywood has sunk in society.

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  1. I'm 43 this year and I have never paid more atttention to politics as I do now. Your blog is excellant and your writing is A++..The sad fact is money can buy almost anything. If I met a movie star on the street I would not even talk to him/ her. Amazing how some people go ga ga and have no life. Your story is sad but true.