Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama and the School Speech

It is not talking to the students that is in question, it is the lessons that go along with his little talk. How can I help the Pres.? How many of you libbies would have liked Bush having such a lesson? The dem party sure has changed since JFK. Help the Pres. - make posters that have his slogans on them, pledge service to the Pres WOW has the party changed.

Keep them home and have your own lesson on the Constitution. Maybe our leader should read it again. He has forgotten 99% of it.


  1. To I'm Always Right:

    President Obama was a Constitutional scholar, and taught it at the university level.

    Tell us what your expertise on the Constitution is and how you arrived at the conclusion that Mr. Obama has forgotten 99% of it. Because any reasonable person would respect what Mr. Obama knows with regard to the Constitution rather than what you say you think you know.

  2. Obama has done and said whatever benefits himself, all others be damned. No one has seriously challenged these actions and words and, as a result, he has gotten away with them. It’s not that he doesn’t know any different; he his a very intelligent person. He simply doesn’t care. He is a narcissist. We’ve seen him loose a bit of his coolness when confronted, but that’s about it. Never has someone who has acomplished so little, been so dishonest, been so disrespectful, and been marketed with astonishing smoke and mirrors.. Until there is a significant, substantial uprising of sorts that demands a return to our core values, then we should expect much more of the same.

  3. The President was not a constution scholar, please don't make crap like that up Ms Kenawe