Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Obama along with the MSM are spreading lies about the health care bill. These are bold face lies that he does not want the people to be aware of the rotten provisions in the house bill.
They're using smoke and mirrors on the abortion thing.They're saying federal funds won't be used for abortion but the funds will come out of the woman's premium.Huh? When you pay a premmium,you surrender the control over that money,so how could a woman direct her premium to pay for abortion? They also say that medicaid will offer a full range of family plannng for poor people,or a thinly disguised excuse for an abortion. Even a car salesman in the worst checkered jacket, short tie, white belt and shoes could not be this obvious in trying to empty your wallet and insult your intelligence by trying to unload a lemon on you. The great and articulate wizard is now fully exposed behind the curtain. The lop-eared Kenyan is not qualified to lead a column of ants and I don't care where he was born or to whom.


  1. As the saying goes, the way to piss off a conservative is to tell a lie; the way to piss off a liberal is to tell the truth.

  2. All the lies are (I believe) the main reason people are so up in arms!

  3. Right on, my sister! Say it!

    "Woman's premium my @#$%!"

    "Full range of 'family planning'" = abortion paid for w/ Fed. tax $$

    Keep up the good work here I'mAR, & thanks for the follow.

  4. Obama lies more than Bill Clinton ever did. Even the libs are getting angry.