Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I sit here in my comfy chair and ponder the direction my country is headed. I can not decide if it is Stalinist socialism or Hitler's Nation Socialist hell that we are careening towards. Either way I do not like it. We are being led by our noses by our president and his gang of thugs in both houses of congress and their water carriers in Hollywierd and the drive-by media. Our so-called leaders are masters of the spin game and agitprop, and are using these skills to remake our country into a new Workers' Paradise. Let me put it in no uncertain terms: I DO NOT WANT IT!!!During the election I was deeply concerned with what a leftist victory would mean to this country. After the election, I did not like the one that my fellow citizens had chosen to lead us., but decided to give Dear Leader a chance. I considered myself part of the loyal opposition, and as such, would support my president but keep a close eye on what he and his band of merry men were doing. I was saddened when I later found all my worse fears, the ones I never mentioned, coming true.There are those who doubted that Dear Leader was born in America, and at first I doubted. I thought it the height of craziness that this man had not been vetted. My father, as stolid and un-excitable, in regards to politics, a man as ever lived. I told him that being a smarmy bastard didn't not make him born elsewhere. I offer as proof the legions of smarmy bastards that are beyond a doubt born here. Yes they are among us, and the vote Democrat. Now we are nearing the eighth month of his rein, and all we have seen as proof of citizenship is a document that is missing characteristics that would make it legal, and redacted information. The administration has spent huge sums of money, on the close order of a million dollars, to suppress records, including the birth certificate, from coming to light. This started to concern me.Over lunch one day, I suggested to him that what we needed was a soldier to refuse orders based on The Chosen One's ineligibility to issue them. To be honest, he scoffed at the notion, and heaped derision upon it. .The only other reason to hide his personal documents, is to hide something embarrassing. Besides where he was born, I can not imagine what The Chosen One might wish to hide on his birth certificate, or what other documentation he is suppressing. I am not sure where the president was born. I am skeptical of those who claim he was born in Kenya, but I am equally skeptical of someone who goes to such great lengths to suppress the truth, no matter what that truth is. As I said, the neo-libs are masters of spin and propaganda. It is the first instinct of these cowards to lie, like a reflex. When their people show up to a town hall they are righteously indignant conscientious grass-roots objectors. When conservatives show up they are AstroTurf, Brownshirts and puppets of military-industrial complex. This is a LIE! These are angry people who are fed up with the left, and their communist political agenda. We do not want CommieCare. We want REAL health care reform. We want tort reform, an end to government mandates and we want CHOICE. We do not want the left's lies and platitudes.I have news for you leftists, unless the protesters are paid to be there, it is grass roots. Your side buses people in to protest everything from election results, to the cutting down of trees. When an organization gathers its followers to attend a protest, the one who got them together is a community organizer. When the right does the same, it is fake and a conspiracy. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND DEATH TO HER ENEMIES!

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